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  • Powersaves 1GB is the perfect companion for your Wii. Featuring a 1GB SD card packed with Powersaves and a copy of MAX Media Manager PRO PC application, you can cheat your games and put your console at the heart of your digital life.

  • Action Replay is the ultimate game enhancer for the Cube. Using specially-created codes, you can enhance and cheat your games in ways the programmers never intended.

  • There's a wealth of really excellent home brew material out there for the GameCube, but how do you get it to run on your unmodified console? Our SD Media Launcher for the Cube and Wii in GameCube Mode is the answer...

  • LAN Adapter creates a wired high-speed internet connection for your console. Just plug the Adapter into your Wii, then connect it to your PC’s DSL or Cable modem or your router using the six-foot patch cable supplied.

  • FreeLoader uses proprietary technology to enable your GameCube to play import games from any other region. Using FreeLoader, you can play imported games on your local console, without modifying your Cube.

  • MAX Media Manager PRO 1GB is the perfect media management solution. You can convert videos into a Wii-friendly format, organize your pictures, transfer MP3s to your supplied SD card, and even rip CDs.

  • Transport yourself back in time as you enjoy classic games downloaded from the Virtual Console Library the way they were meant to be played; with an original-style controller.

  • Fully compatible joypad controller for your Wii Virtual Console games.

  • You can never have too much memory space to store your game saves. Luckily, you can cram on a huge amount of data onto a MAX Memory 2GB card - enough to preserve all your Wii gaming glory!

  • Wii 1GB Trans Mem gives you a massive 1GB of data storage for game saves, music, pictures, downloads and more. It fits in a PC's USB port and the Wii's memory card slot, making it easy to transfer materials between your computer and your console.

  • MAX Duo Pack is a complete saves solution, with quality memory cards for both the Wii and GameCube.

  • Powerboard is a full-sized computer-style keyboard that offers wireless connectivity, so there are no leads to trip over. It's perfect for online gaming - save time when typing messages to other players and concentrate on the task in hand.

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Datel has learned that the performance of the following controllers for the Xbox 360 platform are affected by the June 20, 2012 Dashboard Update

  • TurboFire 2 / WildFire 2 controller
  • TurboFire EVO / Wildfire EVO controller
  • Power Racer 270 Steering Wheel

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