MAX Memory 64MB for Xbox

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      Put an end to your memory card conundrums with the super-sized MAX Memory 64MB. It's EIGHT TIMES the size of a standard Xbox™ memory card, but doesn't cost the Earth.

      Is your current Xbox™ memory card low on storage space? Are you fed up with deleting game saves to free up room? Want a memory card that takes ages to fill, but won't empty your wallet? MAX Memory 64MB is for you!

      MAX Memory 64MB is big enough to store the massive game saves that won't fit on standard memory cards. 64MB of memory gives you over 4000 of blocks for your saves, so you won’t run out any time soon.

      Using the card couldn't be any simpler - just plug it in and enjoy trouble-free gaming.


      • Save levels, characters, top scores and more.
      • EIGHT TIMES the size of a standard Xbox™ memory card.
      • Stores even large game saves that won't fit on smaller memory cards!
      • Over 4000 blocks of game save memory.
      • Load, save, copy and delete game saves with ease.
      • 100% compatible with all Xbox™ titles containing a save game feature.

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