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      Organise your gamesaves, audio files, digital images, movies and podcasts with MAX Media Manager Pro! Keep your multimedia materials on your PC, and transfer them to your handheld whenever you please!

      MAX Media Manager Pro's movie encoding is second to none. You can rip unprotected DVDs straight to your PSP, controlling the size, aspect ratio, zoom, bitrate and audio settings. MPEG 4 and AVC encoding are supported, and there's an automatic 'fit to memory stick' feature so you can squeeze it onto your PSP's memory device at maximum quality. You can also queue outstanding jobs so you don't have to sit in front of your computer all day if you've lots to do.

      On the audio side of things, you can transfer your music files from your PC to your PSP. It's really easy to use, and you don't have to duplicate your files or move them around either. MAX Media Manager Pro lets you organise a library of files, adding and deleting them to your list without moving or removing the original audio files. MP3 and AC3 encodings are catered for. You can also subscribe to podcasts, using RSS for automatic downloading and transfer to your PSP.

      You can organise your digital photography with ease too. Stretch, zoom, crop and resample your images for viewing on your console. At last, you can take your photo collection with you wherever you go.

      Last, but by no means least, MAX Media Manager Pro is the ultimate game saves organiser. You can move game saves to your PC and email them to your friends, exchange saves with gamers from all over the world using the Codejunkies server and even download enhanced saves which have been hacked to include cheats.


      • Rip unprotected DVDs straight to your PSP.
      • Full control over movie files.
      • MPEG 4 and AVC video supported.
      • Queue outstanding jobs.
      • Organise a library of music files.
      • MP3 and AC3 audio encodings supported.
      • Subscribe to podcasts.
      • Stretch, zoom, crop and resample your digital pics.
      • Email gamesaves to your friends.
      • Download Powersaves with built-in cheats.