Powerboard for Xbox

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      Boasting a full keyset and numeric pad, Powerboard is ideal for Linux or console-modding enthusiasts who need a keyboard for their Xbox™, and also for online gamers playing Phantasy Star Online.

      If you're one of the thousands of enthusiasts who have modified their Xbox™ to run unofficial software such as the Xbox™ Linux distribution, MAME or PD applications and games downloaded from the internet, you might well need a USB keyboard to go with your console. You need look no further than Powerboard. It’s styled to match your Xbox™, features a pro-quality keyset and plugs directly into one of your controller ports using the supplied adapter. Its plug-and-play functionality means you don’t have to run any software to get it to work.

      As well as being great for Linux, PowerBoard is excellent for multiplayer games of Phantasy Star Online. You can type messages to other players with ease, saving your time and effort for the game in hand&


      • The best keyboard available for the Xbox™.
      • Designed for use with online games including Phantasy Star Online.
      • High quality, tactile design.
      • Complete computer-style keyboard including function keys and number pad.
      • 100% Xbox compatible.
      • Easy to use - just plug in and play.
      • Stylish design.