Wii Machine Gun

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    Now you can blast the baddies in your favourite Wii lightgun-style games with Wii Machine Gun, a controller that looks and feels like a gun ought to!

    Datel’s Wii Machine Gun is the ideal add-on for classic blasters such as Resident Evil 4 and Chicken Shoot. Playing titles such as these with an unadorned Wiimote just isn’t the same. It doesn’t feel like you have a gun in your hand, so when you’re taking out a horde of foetid zombies or bagging your supper down on the farm, some of the intense in-the-game atmosphere is lost. Fear not – with our sturdy, yet inexpensive add-on for the Wiimote, you can feel every inch like the fast-firing hero of the game!

    Wii Machine Gun is simple to use. Just clip your Wiimote into the sturdy yet lightweight plastic casing, and attach the Nunchuk unit to the rear section. The gun’s trigger activates the Wiimote’s ‘B’ button, and you can still reach all the topside controls should you need them, with the Nunchuk’s buttons and joystick within easy reach too. It’s comfortable in the hand, feels solid without being bulky and is sturdy enough to take the knocks as you blast your way through the game. If lightgun-style gaming is your thing, you should never be without one!

    (Wiimote and nunchuck not included)


    • Sturdy yet lightweight.
    • At last your Wiimote feels like a gun.
    • Comfortable, ergonomic design.
    • Allows access to all Wiimote and nunchuck controls.