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      My Mii Manager lets you edit your Mii for your PC. Just import your Mii into the editor, then edit it until your heart's content. You can even share your Mii with Wii gamers from all over the world over the internet!

      My Mii Manager has everything you need. There's the powerful Mii Manager software application for your PC, and a USB Bluetooth receiver to let you use your Wiimote with your computer.

      It’s easy to use too. After installing the software on your PC, you can build yourself a Mii avatar for your Wii account. It’s really versatile, allowing you to change your hairstyle, body, facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, glasses and minor details, until your Mii matches your face. Or you could design something out of the ordinary that looks nothing like you if you wish.

      When you’ve finished your Wii Mii, simply save it to your Wiimote (not supplied) and transfer it to your Wii console. You can then use it as your avatar. Alternatively, share it with gamers from all over the world by sending it via email.


      • Edit your Mii.
      • Share with gamers across the globe.
      • Includes Bluetooth dongle.