Wireless N Networking Adapter for Xbox 360™

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    This Wireless “N” Networking Adapter gives you the fastest connection to Xbox LIVE™ Up to 300Mbps!

    Increased range and speed plus advanced security features make this adapter the perfect solution*. Download or stream Movies, TV Shows and Games from Xbox Live™ Marketplace in Full HD with 5.1 surround sound. Compatible with a/b/g/n networks and styled to fit neatly on the back of your console.


    • Ideal for Multiplayer gaming
    • Avoid interference in busy wireless environments
    • Perfect for large, multi room homes where range could be an issue Simultaneous downloading of Voice and Music
    • Lag free streaming of HD movies, Music and Videos from the Xbox LIVE™ Marketplace
    • High speed Network Gaming
    • Perfect for the Xbox 360™ Slim too – upto 2 times the speed of the built in wifi adapter!

    *Range up to 2x that of a/b/g networks

    MS Discalmer