Action Replay DS Tip: INFO Button:

Action Replay DS Tip: INFO Button


Today I had a brief conversation with the folks in our customer service department and they brought something to my attention; most poeple seem to overlook the INFO button on their Nintendo DS Action Replay. Since it's an extremely useful part of the Action Replay DS, I thought I'd pass on a useful tip and hopefully it will help a few of you get the most out of your AR DS.

Hopefully, after reading this, you'll have a better understanding of what the INFO button is, how to use it, and why it's so important.


INFO button; quick explanation:
If a particular code or group of codes has some information associated with them you will see the INFO button appear. Tap it with your stylus to display the associated notes; tap it again to clear them.


INFO button; detailed explanation:
As you're scrolling through the codes for a specific title on the Action Replay DS, the following will be displayed on the touch screen:


As you continue to scroll through the code list you may notice an icon appear between the up arrow and the code edit icon. (The "code edit icon" is the one that looks like a pencil).

If the INFO button appears when a code or code folder is highlighed, tap it and an info window will appear in the top screen of the Nintendo DS. The info displayed here is usually quite important and contains instructions or warnings you should be aware of before using the code(s).

For example, if you were to play Animal Crossing: Wild World and you wanted to use the "ABLE SISTERS PATTERN EDIT MOD:" codes, you should be aware that the code will not activate until you press the L Button, R Button, and Down on the D-Pad. Also, the effects of the code aren't visible until the patteren has been saved. If you highlight the "ABLE SISTERS PATTERN EDIT MOD:" code folder and tap the INFO button that appears, you'll see the following message display in the top screen of the Nintendo DS.

"Edit a patteren at the Able Sisters, press L+R+DOWN, then save."

INFO Button Not Tapped:
Code info not displayed

INFO Button Tapped:
Code info is displayed

ARDS Animal Crossing WW Codes

ARDS Animal Crossing Wild World Codes

The INFO button can also provide you with extremely important information about the possible side effects of using a particular code. A perfect example of an Action Replay code containing extremely useful information would have to be the "GO ANYWHERE - THROUGH ANYTHING:" codes for Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

If you highlight the code folder and tap the INFO button, you'll see the following warning:

WARNING: Use at your own risk. Do NOT save in black areas or Mystery Zones.

If you highlight the "Walk Anywhere" code within code folder and tap the INFO button, you'll see another warning.

03 ARDS_top_Pokemon-NoInfo.jpg
04 ARDS_top_Pokemon-Info.jpg

If you were to save your game while wandering around in an area labeled "Mystery Zone" or wander into the black area while inside a house and your game were to save, you may become permanantly stuck in that location the next time you load your game save.... in more extreme cases your game save may become corrupted and automatically delete itself the next time you try to play.

Well, that's about all there is to the INFO button. I hope you found this "tip" helpful; thanks for taking the time to read through it.

- Jay "FNG"

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Can we put in our own info?
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ya this is really helpful thanks but how do you put cheats on it i try but it really complacating in your next article tell how you put cheat codes on it thanks
Comment By georgethistle123 At 7/28/2008 8:17 PM
I have noticed that on my Action Replay when I hit the info button it show all the words so you cant fully read what it says.
Comment By MarioMan27 At 7/28/2008 10:03 PM
MarioMan27 - Thanks for the info.. I'll try to make sure the notes stay short & sweet.
Comment By FNG At 7/30/2008 8:31 AM
Yes. I have been wondering how I can read the rest of the information on some codes for my AR DS. Is there a special button that we need to press to read the rest of the info?
Comment By team_nes_1986 At 7/30/2008 2:22 PM
Good, cuz you're right: I did overlook it.
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When Pokémon Platinum is released,will you make codes to that game too?
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how do you create codes
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