Power Saves Guide:

Power Saves Guide


Today I wanted to take some time and write up a quick guide to the PC software that's included with Wii Power Saves product. Hopefully this will answer a few questions many people out there have regarding how to obtain software updates, how to find the latest Power Saves, or why some saves won't work properly with certain games.

 - Jay "FNG"


NOTE: The Max Media Manager Pro software for the Wii Power Saves product is only compatible with a Windows XP / Windows Vista based PC; it is not designed for use with a Mac.

First thing's first; let's make sure we have the latest version of the Max Media Manager Pro software installed.


Updating the Max Media Manager couldn't be easier. As long as your PC is connected to the internet, simply follow these steps.

  1. Locate the "Options" button & left mouse click on it.
    (It's located at the top right side of the software.)

  2. When the options menu appears, simply click the "CHECK FOR UPDATES" button.
    WMMMP-Options General.jpg

    Windows Vista users. Be sure to run the Max Media Manager Pro with "Administrator Privileges" enabled. This will allow the software to communicate with the codejunkies.com servers and obtain software updates, download community and Power Saves, as well as upload your content to share with others.



Before you can begin downloading / uploading community saves, or begin your search for the latest Power Saves, you'll need to be sure the Max Media Manager Pro options are set up properly.

WMMMP-Options Menu.jpg

  1. User Name: Enter the user name that you've registered through http://www.codejunkies.com/ exactly as you entered it during registration. You'll need a user name / password to access the codejunkies.com server.
  2. Password: Enter the password you created the during registration process here. You'll need a user name / password to access the codejunkies.com server.
  3. Power Saves Product License Key: Do NOT lose or distribute this product key. Each product key is unique and is immediately / permanently associated with the user name / password you registered with on http://www.codejunkies.com/.
  4. Save Filter: This option allows you to choose which region you'll be accessing for community & Power Saves. I suggest you choose a specific region to avoid downloading incompatible game save data. (US game saves are compatible with games purchased in the United States. Europe, Japan & Asia game save data will not work with US games.)
  5. Local Saves Folder: This is the location on your PC where you'll be storing all of your personal, community and Power Saves. Be sure the location selected has plenty of storage space. You may change the location by clicking the "..." button to the right.

NOTE: Write down your User Name, Password, and License Key and keep it in a safe place!! You will need this information if you ever need to reinstall the Max Media Manager Pro software. Without this information you will not be able to access the codejunkies.com servers to download / upload Wii game save data.


  1. Start by clicking the "SAVES - WEB" button.

  2. Choose either "Power Saves", "Community" or "My Uploads" to access the desired section codejunkies.com database.
    (I've highlighted the "Power Saves" option for this example.)

  3. Click on the letter in which you want to browse.
    (If you're searching for Power Saves for Guitar Hero III, click on "G".)
  4. Locate & click the game title of the save you want to download.

  5. Read the descriptions of each save listed & choose which one you want to download.
  6. Click on the desired game save.
  7. Choose the location you want to save to be downloaded to.
    "To PC" will download the save into your PC database.
    "To SD" will download the save directly to the SD card.

  8. Click "DOWNLOAD".



WMMMP-Saves-PC-button.jpgIf you downloaded the Power Save to the PC, you can access them by clicking on the "SAVES - PC" button from the top row of icons.

All saves, including downloaded Power Saves, community saves, &  saves copied from an SD card, can be accessed by clicking this button.



  • Keep a copy of your user name, password, and license key somewhere safe!
  • Check for Max Media Manager Pro software updates regularly.
  • Game save data is region specific. Saves from Europe, Asia, Japan are not compatible with US games.
  • Saves with the file extension ".wii" must be copied to the SD card using the Max Media Manager Pro software to be recognized properly by the Wii console.
  • Before transferring save data to a Wii console from an SD card, be sure of the following.
    1. The game has been played on the Wii console at least one time.
    2. Existing game save data for the game has been removed / backed up from the Wii console.
  • If save data will not copy to the SD card from the Max Media Manager Pro software, be sure that...
    1. The lock switch on the side of the SD card is OFF before attempting to transfer game save data. (Nothing will copy to the card if the lock is enabled.)
    2. The correct device drive letter is assigned to the SD card.
      (This can be changed in the "General" section of the options menu.)
  • If you're still having problems with the software, check the Customer Service Knowledge Base over at www.datelcustomerservice.com for further assistance.

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I wish you guys would made a software that would work on Mac computers.. Mac are stating to become the choice of computers and companies like yours need to start adding Mac software..
Comment By Slim02 At 8/24/2008 9:56 PM
i have suggestions for you jay FNG so you should make something like the trainer toolkit for ds but make it for wii(wii max manager pro) and have it on a update sorry if i keep bugging you with this idea and the next idea is you should have a update for the wii max manager pro so instead of suggesting codes here you could suggest some on the wii max manager pro or you could suggest codes for both sites anyway its just some crazy idea

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hey jay i sent requests i was wondering when u would work on them cause nobody here giving me any answers and what is fabrice doing the comments arent get uploaded.
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What could someone do if they lost their license key? I have all my other info, but I lost my license key. How can you re-install the program without the license key?
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Are you going to be doing any Mario Super Sluggers Saves?
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you guys should make something like a tranier toolkit like for ds but for wii so we can make powersaves of our own just a suggestion

BIG JAY FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment By codejunkiesfan At 9/1/2008 12:29 PM
the super smash bros brawl hacked characters download (community save) for me, then I go to saves wii and it becomes RSBE and has a different file size. Then when I go to my wii and put the sd card in, delete current data, and copy it over it acts as a AR MAX not all hacked characters. Anyways can I fix it?
Comment By gamersclub At 9/1/2008 3:04 PM
oh and they download fine to my pc
Comment By gamersclub At 9/1/2008 3:05 PM
Use the Power Save.. we can't support community saves. (Super Smash brothers save data cannot be copied, so I wouldn't trust anything posted in the community section)
Comment By FNG At 9/2/2008 9:34 AM
hey jay i sent requests no reply?
Comment By AngryPS2Nerd At 9/5/2008 7:35 PM
Thanks for the guide Jay!!!! It answered a lot of my questions! Keep up the good work!!
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will you guys ever make powersave for games like super Mario sluggers or the fore unleashed. i cant find the code request part of this site so can you tell me how to do it or if for some crazy reason can i just post my request here

BIG JAY FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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this is awsome blog but i tried playing lego starwars 2 for ds with actionreplay and it didnt read it but i scrolld down and found it so i tried using them and didnt work so if you could explain why that happend thad be great ty.
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i put the powersaver in the wii and dont know how to use it so if you could make a blog telling how to do it thad be awsome thanks!!!!
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can you Jay FNG like test out the super smash bros brawl character hack with all the characters or just show a image of the character screen i really want to try it out but i don't want to risk deleting my game file just for a scam (not your powersaves the community ones) thanks a lot and respond as soon as possible and.....

BIG JAY FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: what can i call you
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in order to download powersaves onto a sd card, do you have to download powersaves from your computer to a sd card in the wii??
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I don't understand this codejunkies.
What do I do first
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I was wondering for tree of tranquility is there any way to rename your character?
Comment By animeotaku717 At 11/20/2008 12:18 PM
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