Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4:

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4


Here's a list of new Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 codes that have just been posted to the website. No, this is not EVERY code that's possible for Persona 4, however, I need to move on and finish up several other games that I've received requests for. (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2) and Chrono Trigger (DS) are next on the 'to-do' list.)

When I manage to get caught up, and have a few hours to spare, I may go back and add Clothing Items, Key Items, etc. to this list.

- Jay "FNG"

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
(PlayStation 2 - Action Replay Max)

Infinite Yen


Quick Level Up
Infinite Health Points In Battle
Infinite Spirit Points In Battle
Max Courage
Max Knowledge
Max Expression
Max Understanding
Max Diligence


Max S.Link Rank: Investigation Team
Max S.Link Rank: Yosuke Hanamura
Max S.Link Rank: Chie Satonaka
Max S.Link Rank: Fellow Athletes
Max S.Link Rank: Ayane Matsunaga


Quick Level Up
Infinite Health Points In Battle
Infinite Spirit Points In Battle


Quick Level Up
Infinite Health Points In Battle
Infinite Spirit Points In Battle


Quick Level Up
Infinite Health Points In Battle
Infinite Spirit Points In Battle


Peach Seed (x 99)
Medicine (x 99)
Ointment (x 99)
Antibiotic Gel (x 99)
Life Stone (x 99)
Bead (x 99)
Value Medicine (x 99)
Medical Kit (x 99)
Macca Leaf (x 99)
Bead Chain (x 99)
Soul Drop (x 99)
Snuff Soul (x 99)
Chewing Soul (x 99)
Soul Food (x 99)
Revival Bead (x 99)
Balm of Life (x 99)
Royal Jelly (x 99)
Dokudami Tea (x 99)
Mouthwash (x 99)
Sedative (x 99)
Stimulant (x 99)
Vanish Ball (x 99)
Soma (x 99)
Amrita Soda (x 99)
Hiranya (x 99)
Muscle Drink (x 99)
Odd Morsel (x 99)
Rancid Gravy (x 99)
Magic Mirror (x 99)
Physical Mirror (x 99)
Assault Signal (x 99)
Super Sonic (x 99)
Diamond Shield (x 99)
Purifying Water (x 99)
Purifying Salt (x 99)
Firecracker (x 99)
San-zun Tama (x 99)
Ice Cube (x 99)
Dry Ice (x 99)
Pinwheel (x 99)
Yashichi (x 99)
Ball Lightning (x 99)
Tesla Coil (x 99)
Smart Bomb (x 99)
Segaki Rice (x 99)
Curse Paper (x 99)
Hell Magatama (x 99)
Cyclone Magatama (x 99)
Frost Magatama (x 99)
Arc Magatama (x 99)


Golf club (x99)
Titanium Club (x99)
5-Iron (x99)
Imitation Katana (x99)
Musashi Shinai (x99)
Longsword (x99)
Zweihander (x99)
Iai Katana (x99)
Bastard Sword (x99)
Gothic Sword (x99)
Type-98 Gunto (x99)
Downpour Sword (x99)
Edge (x99)
Kage-Dachi (x99)
Great Sword (x99)
Midare Hamon (x99)
Anglaise (x99)
Kakitsubata (x99)
Gardenia Sword (x99)
Kenka (x99)
Krieg (x99)
Kijintou (x99)
Number One (x99)
Gaia Sword (x99)
Tsubaki-Otoshi (x99)
Myth-like Sword (x99)
Shichisei-Ken (x99)
El Caliente (x99)
Yahiro Sword (x99)
Triumph (x99)
Tajikarao Sword (x99)
Futsuno Mitama (x99)
Soul Crusher (x99)
Wooden Bat (x99)
Metal Bat (x99)
Blade of Totsuka (x99)


Monkey Wrench (x99)
Titanium Wrench (x99)
Skill Spanner (x99)
Hunting Nata (x99)
Kunai (x99)
Poison Kunai (x99)
Reigh Skinner (x99)
Santou (x99)
Kozuka (x99)
Throwing Kunai (x99)
Kris Naga (x99)
Kaiken (x99)
Bashin (x99)
Yashioori Dagger (x99)
Yashima (x99)
En-Giri (x99)
Bloody Kunai (x99)
Fearful Kunai (x99)
Castilla Knife (x99)
Ohorinomokoto (x99)
Flying Kato (x99)
Basho (x99)
Thief Dagger (x99)
Fuuma Kotaro (x99)
Militia Dagger (x99)
Blitz Knife (x99)
Hattori (x99)
Ogre Tooth (x99)
Rappa (x99)
Kashin Koji (x99)
Kitchen Knife (x99)
Malakh (x99)


Kyo Sensu (x99)
Silk Fan (x99)
Suzaku Feather (x99)
Arazuyu Fan (x99)
Tesseb (x99)
Masquerade (x99)
Akisame Fan (x99)
Hanachirusato (x99)
Madam's Charm (x99)
Inversion Fan (x99)
Amagyou Fan (x99)
Mogari-Bue (x99)
Fickle Madam (x99)
Ganar (x99)
Harlot's Mercy (x99)
Courtesia (x99)
Uhi Fan (x99)
Adoracion (x99)
Suzumushi (x99)
Duchess (x99)
Noblesse Oblige (x99)
Hototogisu (x99)
Secret Fan (x99)
Kacho Fugetsu (x99)
Pieta (x99)
Yume no Ukihashi (x99)
Noh Fan (x99)
Boundless Sea (x99)


Leather Shoes (x99)
Red-Leaf Gusoku (x99)
Shield Boots (x99)
Nanman Gusoku (x99)
Punk Shoes (x99)
Hard Boots (x99)
Skill Greaves (x99)
Adios Shoes (x99)
Nice Shoes (x99)
Cowboy Boots (x99)
Heavy Heels (x99)
Bishamonten (x99)
Amami Legs (x99)
Furinkzan (x99)
Bucking Broncos (x99)
Sleipnir (x99)
Four Beasts (x99)
Vampire Shoes (x99)
Mjolnir Boots (x99)
Vidar's Boots (x99)
Kintabi Gusoku (x99)
Stella Greaves (x99)
Hero Legs (x99)
Demon Boots (x99)
Kehaya (x99)
Gigant Fall (x99)
Peerless Heels (x99)
Judgment Boots (x99)
Steel Slippers (x99)
Platform Sneakers (x99)
Moses Sandals (x99)

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I can't wait for the Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories codes and some Chrono Trigger (DS) codes.

Comment By xxnike629xx At 12/15/2008 6:10 PM
Thank You, Jay!

Guys...this is quite a time-consuming trainer/hack to do. I did some fiddling around with it myself, and there is gobs of code with which to work.

I am grateful for the hard work that FNG has put into these gamecodes, and I am grateful that for a lousy 30 bucks, I get the codes that I get, especially for PS2 (it being a somewhat 'on its way out' console anymore [cries a lone tear]. I am sure that when Jay is done making the rest of the populous happy, and if he gets time [ya right], he will revisit this game for all of us MegaTen fanatics out here.

I suggest that if you want more codes, you use the suggestion link on the PS2 FAQ page and write in complete detail exactly what things you are may be wanting. Also, if any of you work with trainers, check out the enormity of code for this game, and try to come up with some ideas on how to work the code. Just a suggestion...

Once again...thanks Jay for your diligence.
Comment By vanoi71 At 12/16/2008 4:30 AM
Thanks so much for the Persona 4 codes. I have a question as I am new to this. Are these codes and any others that you put up on the site included in the AR Maxlist Codes that I download and copy over to the PS2? Thanks again.

Comment By Bone Walker At 12/16/2008 11:46 PM
For Chrono Trigger (DS), I'm looking for:

- quick exp gain
- all recovery items (potion, megalixer, stat boosting items)
- all weapons
- all armors
- all helmets
- all accessories
- all items found (in the item listing extras thing)
- all enemies fought (in the item listing extras thing)
- all things in the extras section complete (movies, images, music, etc)
- codes for the battle arena

* and for the codes pertaining to items, weapons, armors, helmets, accessories...please don't include any 'dummy' items'. so i guess in that sense, we'd have to have like separate codes for each item, armor, weapon, helmet, accessories?
Comment By xxnike629xx At 12/17/2008 10:12 AM
I have a question about Rondo of swords and the Sega genesis collection, are they going to be worked on any time soon?
Comment By Edgewalker At 12/17/2008 4:10 PM
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