Tilt FX - Motion Control for the PSP:

Tilt FX - Motion Control for the PSP

Following our recent press release, this week has seen the launch of our latest product Tilt FX

Here is what you can expect:

Tilt FX redefines the way you play, taking your games to the next level with super smooth 3 axis motion control at your fingertips. It replaces the normal direction pad and analogue stick with high resolution ‘tilt’ control, using the 3D movements of your PSP to actually control the game.

Customised FX profiles and stunning effects are also selectable for tons of the latest and greatest games like Wipeout, Loco Roco, F1,Need for Speed and many more. The Tilt FX ‘G’ sensor snaps into your PSP to provide seamless 3D game control so you can now Feel the Game. It works with all games and is perfect for racing games, platform classics, pinball and balance games:

To see it in action go to: www.tiltfx.com

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