Xbox 360 EZTrans Transfer cable:

Xbox 360 EZTrans Transfer cable

Since the launch of the new Xbox 360 Slim many users now need to move their data from the old style HDD to their new system. It’s very simple to do but you do need a suitable cable. In response we have introduced our new product - EZTrans.

EZTrans is the easy way to transfer data from your old 360 HDD to your new XB360S HDD. Just plug in you HDDs and the Xbox 360 built in transfer utility will do the rest. EZTrans accepts both the old style HDD and the NEW 360S style HDD so you have total transfer flexibility.

If you are upgrading to the new XB360S then EZTrans is the perfect solution High Speed transfers between HDDs at up to 480Mbs. You can also back up your valuable HDD data to you PC for extra peace of mind.

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