GameTalk wireless headset for PS3:

GameTalk wireless headset for PS3

Great with Medal of Honor Tier 1

With this week seeing the release of some impressive PlayStation 3 online titles including Medal of Honor Limited Tier 1 Edition, and Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, we thought we’d bring you the lowdown on our bestselling GameTalk wireless headset for PlayStation 3.

The pressure’s on when you’re playing online with friends or gaming rivals from around the world.  And with all the orders and trash talk flying around in a combat situation you need to make sure you can be heard and you’re receiving information clearly too.

That’s why our tech team have developed the king of all wireless headsets – a device that enhances your gameplay to give you the gaming edge.Offering the ultimate in comfort, reliability and performance,  GameTalk uses authentic Bluetooth technology to relay crystal clear sound back to your PS3. Add to that an impressive 30ft range that gives you complete freedom to get on with your gaming without the distraction of wires or the worries of a dropped signal.

Featuring a powerful noise cancelling codec that greatly reduces distracting ambient noises from within the room, this headset will ensure that your instructions are received loud and clear.

And with its adjustable boom, up to 8hours continuous talk time and touch button controls - you’ll see why we’re calling this the ultimate PS3 gaming headset.
See for yourself – watch GameTalk in action here:

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