Small Size Big Sound:

Small Size Big Sound

At Codejunkies we’re all about video games, but sometimes a product comes our way which really catches our eye, and this is one of them.

Here in this office alone there are several of us with I-Phones jammed full of our favourites tunes, which we only get to hear when we’ve got the time to put headphones on. Those days are now in the past since we’ve got our hands on this pocket monster!

This Bluetooth Wireless Speaker really is small enough to fit in your pocket, and when you use it the capsule expands to deliver an unbelievably powerful sound. Hearing really is believing!

Range is over 10 metres so if you’re using it round the house the sound will continue even when you leave the room. Of course you’re not limited to being indoors you can use it while you’re out and about, in the office or even in the car.

What’s more if you’re using it with an I-Phone or Bluetooth enabled phone/ smart phone then you can benefit from the speakers complete handsfree phone function. If a call comes in whilst the speakers playing music, the music is automatically muted and then resumes once you’ve ended the call.

This really is an impressive piece of kit – well worth its place on any I-phone or I-Pad users Christmas list! Take a look here

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