Games n' Music for Nintendo DS

Get more from your ds with games n' music

Games 'n music is a fantastic new product from Datel that allows gamers to play mp3 music, video and homebrew games on their DS.

Games n' music uses a special cartridge that has a built in MicroSD memory card slot to store all this exciting content. Included in the standard pack is a handy 1GB MicroSD card capable fo storing hundreds of MP3 tracks, videos and loads of games all at the same time.

How do I use it?

The Games n' music cartridge plugs into your DS just like any other game and has a built in browser allowing you to navigate the content stored on your MicroSD card. Once you've found the game, video or music track you would like to play just double tap the file using the touch screen interface.

What is included?

In the box with your Games n' Music you will find the DS sized cartridge, a 1GB MicroSD memory card, a nifty MicroSD memory card USB adapter and a CD with a PC program for creating DS compatible video.

Where can I get free games and what's available?

Homebrew games (games created by independent developers) are available from hundreds of sites across the Internet and are totally FREE!

Homebrew games range from simple puzzle games creating by enthusiasts to near-professional 3D games, adventure games and more created by whole teams of developers. Because the games are free though there is no harm in trying them out, who knows, your next favourite game might be lingering un-descovered on a developers homepage somewhere!

Click here to visit the games section of this site and get downloading some great games now!

Software Downloads

Software CDMake sure you've got the latest firmware and PC software.

Tell us about great software you've written or found

If you've written or found a great DS game or application that you run on your Games N' Music cartridge, tell us about it so we can add it to this site and spread the word!.

Step by step guides

Step by step guide on how to convert a movie and put it on your Games n' Music cartidge.