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WiFi VoiceChatClient v1.5

Infantile Paralysiser has released WiFi VoiceChatClient v1.5 which now supports private rooms as well as the unicode font. According to the program’s Read Me file, the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and DS station cannot be used, so you need a wireless router. But if you have one, you can chat to other users all over the world.

WiFi VoiceChatClient ver 1.5 works. No, really. You can actually hold conversations with DS gamers across the world using the console’s in-built microphone. You can also write or draw on the scribble pad on the touchscreen, a pad that’s shared between all current VoiceChatClient users. It’s great fun, and fills a gap left by Pictochat’s lack of WiFi connectivity.


If you hate being caught out of doors when it rains, download DSLiveWeather. Using the console’s WiFi functionality, this interesting app gives you a local weather forecast, drawn from You can get a forecast for any location supported by, and store up to 64 locations. Who said the DS was only for games?

DS2Key v0.4

After a substantial rewrite, DS2Key has returned. This is a nice little app that allows your DS to act as a PC game pad. A WiFi app, DS2Key will automatically search for access points and display them on the top screen.


Ever fancied yourself as a budding Roger Taylor or Joey Jordison? The drum app DrummerS won’t get you into a band, but it’s pretty good fun. Set up the samples to suit yourself, then go to work with your stylus, hammering the skins and striking the symbols for all your worth.

rPaint Revo

No prizes for guessing what this is. It’s a simple paint program with a choice of brushes, colours, shapes and more. It’s great fun to use – you can scribble till your heart’s content, and even write little messages on the screen.

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