Video clips to download and play on your Nintendo DS

Encoding video to play on Games n' Music

Games n' Music includes a handy video converter program that makes converting your videos into a format that you can play back on your DS a cinch!

Converting your source video

Install the MAX DS Video Converter program on your PC. If you don't have the disc, click here to download the program.

MAX DS Video Converter screenshot

Once installed, run the program and click the 'Open' button. Next browse to the location where your original video clip is stored, highlight the clip and click 'Open'.

Note that MAX DS Video Converter will accept a wide range of file types as source videos including .avi, .mov, mpeg, mp4 and more.

Next, click the 'Encode' button to begin converting the video.

Copy the new clip to your MicroSD card

Next, snap the MicroSD card into your USB card adapater (included) and connect the adapter to your PC. Use 'Windows Explorer' to two 'My Computer' windows to drag the video clip (with the .d2v extension) into the video folder on your MicroSD card (you don't have to use the 'video' folder but it helps to keep things neat!).

Play the video on your DS

Lastly, all you need to do is put the MicroSD card back into your Games n' Music cartridge, snap that cartridge into your DS and switch it on.

Double tap the 'Video' folder to open it and then double tap on the name of the video file you have just added.

Enjoy the film ;-)

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Step by step guides

Step by step guide on how to convert a movie and put it on your Games n' Music cartidge.