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Product: Action Replay MAX
Platform: PS2
Type: Downloads
Originally posted: 01/07/2008
Last updated: 01/07/2008
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MAX Media Creator is a PC application which allows you to build MAX Media Player friendly CDs containing music, video and Action Replay codelist files.

It is only of use to customers who own a version of Action Replay MAX that has the built in MAX Media Player functionality, use the links below to download the latest version of MAX Media Creator.

Revision History

1.32 - 01/09/05 - Updated CD Writing and detection code
11/08/05 - Updated CD writing libraries.
1.30 - This update includes a new version of the PGen emulator with Pen-Drive support.

Download description Size Downloaded Added
MAX Media Creator PC software - 1.32  5003724  17828 times  01/07/2008 
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