New! - Video playback using MAX Media Player!

It's been a little while coming but we are now pleased to announce a new, FREE UPGRADE for all MAX Media Player and MAX Media Dock owners. v1.2 is available for download from the support section and now features built in video playback.

Free your Nintendo DS with MAX Media Player…

Welcome to the MAX Media Player support site, your source for home brew, tutorials and updates…

MAX Media Player is the most exciting product ever released for the Nintendo DS. Combining a pristine app launcher for home brew software and an easy-to-use media MP3 and video player, MAX Media Player is an essential purchase for those who want to do more with their handheld than play DS or Game Boy games.

Now you can kill time on that long journey by watching movies on the move, or listening to your favourite music.

But what is MAX Media Player, and how do you unlock its exciting potential?

The MAX Media Player support site is here to give you everything you need to free the power of your DS. Here you will find an outline of some of the best DS home brew games, applications and emulators, and instructions on where to find them. There’s online tutorials on how to get the very most from your Media Player, and all the latest upgrades to the player itself. As Datel is constantly improving this devious device, adding all sorts of functions and extras via free downloads, it’s always worth checking back to make sure you have the latest version.

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Useful Tips

MAX DS Video Converter

To accompany the v1.2 update to Max Media Player is the release MAX DS Video Converter, a one-click video converter to make DS ready movies from a variety of source files. Get your free copy from the Support and downloads section.

Video - How to guide

For those users who still want to use MoonShell to play their media files, the support section contains a guide to using DPG Tools.

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