How do I find a game`s ID?


Product: Action Replay DS and Action Replay DS EZ
Platform: DS
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Originally posted: 12/08/2008
Last updated: 15/08/2008
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If you`re adding codes from our website, we recommend using the game ID which is from the game cartridge which we used to create the cheat codes. On every DS game`s code pages, as found on our website, under the game`s name we display the game ID from the game cartidge which we used to create the codes. Here`s an example:

Game ID shown on site.JPG


If you want to locate your own game cartridges ID, please follow these steps:

  1. Power on the console with the Action Replay DS inserted.
  2. When the Action Replay DS loads to its home screen, remove the Action Replay DS.
  3. Insert the game cartridge when prompted to do so by the Action Replay DS.
  4. On the screen shown above, under the message `Unknown Game` should be the game cartridge`s ID, in this example, `APLP-406891`.

Your Action Replay DS must be using firmware version 1.52 or above. The firmware version number is shown on the console`s top screen when you`re on the Action Replay DS home screen.

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