A crafty little number, and no mistake. Played entirely on the touchscreen, Bahlz offers you a grid of spheres which you must destroy by touching groups of similarly-coloured units. At least two of the same colour must be touching, vertically or horizontally. Tapping a single sphere won’t budge it. Spheres fall to fill the gaps left by destroyed units, and if you clear a vertical line, the remaining spheres are pushed together.

The aim of the game is to clear the screen, and it ain’t easy. Removing spheres without leaving a single unit isolated, with no similarly-coloured spheres nearby, requires a lot of forward planning. It will be a while before you manage to complete a screen, but the game has that addictive quality which keeps you coming back for more. However hard it gets, success always seems just one more game away, and that’s how it should be.

Above: Title title screen.

Above: The colourful game interface.

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Entries so far...
Breakout DS Breakout DS
The arcade classic finds its way on to the Nintendo DS thanks to Max Media Player.
DSokoban DSokoban
Clever treasure puzzle game with puzzles ranging from easy-peasy to tricky enough to make you pull your hair out in frustration.
DSudoku DSudoku
The pen-and-paper classic comes to the DS, and the developer has put a great deal of effort into turning it into a videogame.
Earth Invaders Earth Invaders
Positioned at the foot of the screen Space Invaders style, You blasts out bullets with attitude for as long as your stylus is on the touchscreen.
Super Snake DS Super Snake DS
Guide your roving reptile around the screen, eating the fruit and food scattered around the playing area.
Warrior Training Warrior Training
an interesting mix of game styles.
London Underground AMAP4DS
A map of the London Underground is always a handy thing to have when visiting the capital. This is the Nintendo DS version.
Stringy Things Stringy Things DS
Stringy Things DS is a compendium of word games.
Minesweeper Minesweeper DS
Fans of classic gaming will soon be able to play it on the move.
DDRlite DDRlite
It does what it says on the tin, with no real surprises.
Battleship Battleship
Now here’s a game worth playing! A fair old rendition of the classic pencil-and-paper offering.
Memory Memory
What can you say about Memory that isn’t obvious from the screenshots?
Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe
This one’s Noughts and Crosses on the DS.
Prohibition Prohibition
Interesting – an Amstrad CPC game brought to the DS in an unofficial conversion.
Joggle DS Joggle DS
It’s daunting at first, but as you sit and think, all sorts of words present themselves.
PaddleBattleDS PaddleBattleDS
Now here’s a text-book example of how to make good use of the touchscreen and create a game which could only have appeared on the DS.
Fushido Fushido
Another delightful puzzler!
There really is an IRC client for the Nintendo DS, and it works a treat too!
Bahlz Bahlz
Played entirely on the touchscreen, Bahlz offers you a grid of spheres which you must destroy by touching groups of similarly-coloured units.
AquelaBall AquelaBall
AquelaBall you must win over 75% of the screen by boxing it off.
Double Skill DoubleSkill
It’s daunting at first, but as you sit and think, all sorts of words present themselves.
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
It’s often the simplest games that are the most addictive, and they don’t come much simpler than Chain Reaction.
Hexa Virus HexaVirus
How low can you go?
CarreRouge CarreRouge
Drag a red square around with the stylus, and avoid the floating blue shapes.
Chess DSChess
DSChess is definitely one of the more ambitious home brew games out there.
No Place To Hide No Place to Hide
Now here's a killer! No Place to Hide offers ten minigames based on a single theme.
Pop The Balls Pop The Balls
Another simple winner, this little puzzler presents the player with a grid of coloured spheres.
The Collection The Collection
The Collection is a compendium of four games in a single pack.
Digger DS DiggerDS
DiggerDS is a port of the classic Digger or Boulderdash game.
Bubbles Bubbles
The aim of the game is to keep your bubble alive by fusing it with smaller bubbles of the correct colour.
Invasion Invasion
You play the part of a UFO pilot, guiding your craft around the screen with the stylus, and pressing pretty-much any button on the DS to send out a shockwave which blows the heat-seeking missiles targeted at your craft out of the sky.
Blazing Blocks Blazing Blocks
It won't win any awards for originality, but at least it has a two-player mode.
Letter Link DS Letter Link DS
The longer the word, the higher the score..
Sonic DS Demo Sonic DS Demo

Not an official Sega product, this is basically a demo of what a DS Sonic game could be like. A rough demo. A very rough demo...

Zi Zi
You start with a square grid, with new pieces falling onto the playing area from all four sides.
Puzzle DS Puzlle DS
Puzzle DS is a reproduction of those slidey puzzle devices where you had to recreate a picture by sliding tiles.
Caisses Caisses
It's clear a lot of care and attention has been paid to the presentation here.
Doublons Doublons
An interesting theme on the old memory chestnut.

what's going on...

JNKplat JNKplat
A reach-the-exit platformer from the old school.
Marshmellow Duel DS Marshmellow Duel DS
The idea is you move around an arena made up of horizontal platforms, snatching weapons from floating bubbles and using them to strike at your opponent.
Numberminds NumberMinds
You're attempting to guess a five-digit number here. You get 24 attempts in Easy Mode, 16 in Medium and 12 in Hard Mode.
WiFi Blubb WiFi Blubb
An interesting twist on the Battleships theme, you can move your ships as you play here.
Hangman Hangman
Hangman is a worthy download. By retaining its focus on ease of play for quick games, it’s found its niche as a means of killing a spare minute or two..
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